People started to use ChatGPT to discover a new vulnerabilities (0day), I saw someone use it to help them break a smart contract, I mean if you already found a 0day you might ask it to write the exploit rather write it yourself 😬

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    Can you provide sauce to this?
    Relevant tot my Interests.
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    Great marketing to make it a standard tool for every dev to check their code ..
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    Its code capabilities are not as good. It can write code that looks like it will do what you ask for, but when you test it, it doesn't.
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    Indeed I agree kinda, I wish I could test it but it's not available in Saudi Arabia & Kuwait for some reason.. I tried to use a VPN but it's requires foreign number lol
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    @t3b4n thats what i thought, but today i did wrote a whole script that uses html templates to fill it with variables from a dataset and render it with some css as a pdf. It generated the html, css and python code with like 5 prompts. After that i changed like 5-10 lines and thats it. It is scary good, if you know what to type in those prompts
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    This is scary ngl
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