Fuck recruiters, they are the scum of the earth. I just had one contact me out of the blue about two opportunities with companies I'd never heard off. As I knew nothing about the companies I started asking questions around who they were and what they were looking to do. He suddenly gets all defensive and refuses to answer my questions, then follows up with an email accusing me of being an "underhanded recruiter" looking to poach his clients. Sorry mate, you got in contact with me you absolute fuckwit. Without people like us you wouldn't even have a bloody job you fucking vampire. For someone that supposedly specialises in the tech sector, I had to point out that if he really doubted who I was he could drop my name into StackOverflow or github to verify that im a developer. Recruiters - they're all fucking leeches.

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    typical recruiters, they just want to get someone on the job so that they get paid without giving a shit about their client nor the one being recruited
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    LinkedIn - a spam land for recruiters who specialise in keyword searching and expert in Microsoft Office tools. I just ignore them.
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    I'll take your recruiter calls! I hate my job.
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    @ComradeEevee why do you think I'm talking to these arseholes, I hate my job too :-(
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