Some years ago but it's funny.
The company give to me a new laptop with windows Home Edition,
After few months I have installed Pro Version.
1 month later the laptop didn't work anymore, nothing on display, no beeps, zero.
Tried to replace ram and check but nothing works.
The CTO asked the supplier and they asked about SO, and they said it's not turning ON because i have installed Windows Pro.
Than the CTO had a brilliant idea: try put the hard disk in another laptop and install Windows Home, and put back in the defective one. I refused to to that, it's stupid and he insisted, then I put the laptop in his desk and I said: if you want do this you can do, im not stupid enough to do this.
He got really mad, 1 week later i got a brand new one πŸ˜…

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    Well if you mean about 2 years ago Windows had a dead space bug in their pro version when it was upgraded to the new system it would turn everything black you would see nothing it took 2.5 months to fix
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    Also welcome to devRant
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    Windows XP
    Was motherboard issue hhahahaha
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    @thiagoguaru oh I thought you were talking Windows 10
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    @ihavePCSD no worries
    Loved this thing hahahahaaj
    I have a lot of good stuff to shareπŸ˜…
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