Seems like a great deal.. 😂😂

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    Lmao these posts are easy money
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    I usually only charge 25 for predictions that lead to million dollar winning
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    I would answer that question for $100. I bet there is a paper on Google Scholar about the randomness of the powerball, so it should be quite simple to come up with a 'no'.
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    for i in range(6):

    E.z $100
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    Offer...seems legit 🤭
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    As long as im paid in avancerad ill join!
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    He is one special kinda stupid
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    "il make them an offer they can't refuse" 🤔😃
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    Put numbers in a hat and sell it to the guy for $10,000

    Technically it can predict numbers just not very accurate.
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    Sounds legit.
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    Write a quick function to pick a random date and pull from the mega millions website the winning numbers closest to that date. Hey those numbers won before, why wouldn’t they win again? 🤷‍♂️
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