Oh man, its been forever since I've had an actual rant.

so my work ethic is to the point where it's all last minute. My eduction is all last minute. Personal problem, and don't know how to fix that. but it's just getting out of hand.

tbh, I'm at the point of considering dropping uni like this is no joke. maybe transfer to a cheaper because the financials are no good either.

I also need a new job because the place I'm at is no good. here a few things about it:
1) Its Industrial, not really tech related
2) the dudes expect ME to GO TO THEM and ask for help. Not how I roll
3) not the best atmosphere -- I don't really like the 4 total employees, including myself
4) nearly minimum wage

the pros?
1) I learn about my car
2) I can use the shop to fix my car
3) Free stuff (for example, a projector and lunch everyday
4) We're getting a server (soon?)
5) I buy computers for them, they pay me

But seriously, my grades in school are slipping (nowhere dangerous yet) and I am too stressed. At least I'll be getting in more dev work

Moreover, I want to get in some actual learning with Swift, but I can never manage to make time. Plus, games are a thing that I do, also family and friends, also religion is a thing, also work and school, also sleep. No time? Me neither.

Like the organization of this rant? Me too.

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    Im in a similar situation. I want to quit one of my jobs. It's so shitty.
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    @Quirinus out of curiosity, what’s stopping you?
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    In your life you will have lots of job opportunities. However you will probably be able to attend the uni once in you life. So make sure that the uni is always you While you're at the uni, if your first priority. Want to attend a job? Then make sure that they understand that and give you enough time. Else, don't
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    @Gerrymandered It's complicated. I work a few different jobs, and one of the jobs will end in a few months, so it'll be easier to handle the rest.

    Plus i have some other things that will end at the same time. So I'll actually have free time and time to rest. I hope I wont have to quit after that, especially since I started some qualification program for the job, which lasts 1-2 years, and if I quit I basically wasted that.

    I think of that job as a backup if I ever need one, so finishing the qualification and then quitting to go work as a dev would be ideal.
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