I was really hyped for what I would learn by doing internship.

The files on the web app server are updated by drag and drop on FTP.

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    That is pretty normal, for companies with zero devops.
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    Trust me, it could be worse. I'm programming crystal reports.
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    Sounds like my first internship. Granted, that was in 2010.... also, the files were direct-edited live on the server, and there was no revision control. It was a Classic ASP application, so there were all different versions of pages (eg _old, _old2, _useThisOne, _noReally, _orig) and it was impossible to tell which one was actually in use. Good times...
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    Yup, that sounds familiar
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    That was me 4 years ago.

    Now there's git, there's local + testing + production servers, there's auto deployments (well I have a button and it does all kinds of magic and builds new aws instances with new changes)

    Currently I'm trying to remove the button and have a master branch merge trigger this for me.

    Don't wait for change, be the change!
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