Isn’t this too much?

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    They are just collecting ALL the data they can.
    They utilise every api and feature available to them on any device to collect as much data of any kind of you and the people and devices around you, it's mass surveillance and it's somehow legal.
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    @C0D4 It's "legal" because money. In addition, some companies try to scare you when you disable them saying that shit might not work afterwards.
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    Nearby? What? Whom? The zucc?
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    Mmm gimmie your delicious data

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    Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth

    The thing is the apps were using it prior to the OS making them prompt, you just didn’t know about it.
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    @C0D4 @Jilano while governments could get the data from companies, it is ok.

    If the leaking data were from government, it's crime and someone may be sentenced by death.
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    @brunofontes It's been quite some time since someone from a government has been sentenced, don't you think? Besides, there is no death sentence where I am.
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    @Jilano I agree with you. I mean, here things are messy with this. There is a huge dispute bitween left and right and our polititions get consistenly rich after elected, so we see this yet, but it looks different from other times. It is more a political thing than a normal sentence.

    And I hate the idea of being monitored. With all this political fighting, I have no doubts someone will still try do use our personal data against us for political views.

    There is no death sentence here as well, I was saying in a world perspective.
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    Sheldon Cooper Forever
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    All countries have the death penalty if you crime hard enough.
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    @uyouthe yep my fav series tbbt
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