Hey guys!
I have a question
When I'm coding sometimes I get sick
I mean this is getting me when I'm worried if the deadline coming day after day, I get nausea a lot
By a lot I mean a lot
I can't even look at my computer screen or even touch the keyboard
Is it only me or it's normal ?!!
I think it's stress

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    Stress and burnout

    You're suffering from PTSD.

    Take a leave due to health and seek medical intervention.

    You're not alone. It's treatable. You don't have to suffer, but it will take time and you need to accept your limits.
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    Stress be like that.
    The more you endure the greater the costs 😞
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    Talk to a therapist or doctor, don't be afraid to take anti-depression pills. They work and don't make you a zombie or anything like that. the sooner the better.
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    I mean from what ?!
    I used to have this when I was training in a company, that time I lost 13 kilograms..

    I think it's stress and worrying from failure.. the manager was not familiar with the technical stuff, he just enforcing the rules and as trainee I just try my best
    After finishing the internship, I felt better.. now after applying in another internship about Binary Exploitation I GOT THE SAME SYMPTOMS, I'm saying this because I'm not even a senior programmer.. I'm just a computer science student who just graduated.. I don't want to hate the things I love
    It's weird
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    @C0D4 I think it's not worth it
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    @Nihil75 I'm not afraid but I'm still unemployed, I'm student on a budget
    Cannot afford it
    Why the fuck I get this symptoms?? I haven't even started my career!
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    Sounds like you care a bit too much
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    @electrineer maybe I care because the fear of being a failure 😔
    It's was hard tbh, I haven't work in php, I used to do Front End only
    They made me work on pure php5
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    @iArrow everyone deals with stress differently because our brains are wired up differently.

    PTSD doesn't just magically show up, it takes routine exposure to stress inducing hormones like cortisol.

    Many people have different tolerances to pain, and just as so, some have higher tolerances to stress. It seems you may have a low tolerance to cortisol. This makes you an effective survivor, but it makes living life difficult.

    You need to talk with a registered therapist to work through your PTSD and they will be able to help teach you how to raise your resistance to cortisol.

    Things you can do right now that may help include: getting routine sleep, more than 6 hours of sleep nightly, spending more time doing other things that do not require a computer, eating a healthier diet, getting more exercise.

    You don't need to do *all* of those things, but they will help.
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    I used to have an extreme aversion to cortisol, so much so that I became an alcoholic. Eventually I became self-aware enough to realize what I was doing. It wasn't easy but I had to change who I was in mind and heart. I'm no longer the same person I was 20+ years ago. I have even had people I knew tell me they barely recognize me. I'm not saying everyone can do it, but I am saying that it's possible to change.

    You can do this, but you will need help. If that help comes in the form of therapy or a support network of friends or family is up to you.
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    @sariel thank you for your kind words, I will try my best to build up good routine 👍🏻, it's pretty hard but I will try anyway.. thank you🤍.
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    I would be more worry about your constant nausea as I could damage your organs. You need to enjoy your work at all stages. Also, have more, communication with your boss or clients in order to avoid surprises.
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    @sariel nailed it. As was already mentioned, watch out for the alcohol use. It’ll feel like a quick fix, but the next thing you know, you’re explaining yourself to your Dr at your annual checkup: “What, 15 drinks a week is a lot?” I really can’t add much to what’s been said on this thread already, but know that it’s very very possible to manage the stress.
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