First it was the "set up WampServer so the client can use our database", to which I told her we should use an embedded database, to which she told me to do.

Then the "Just give the client a .jar file and install the JRE in his laptop" to wich I told her we can make a native installer, to which she fucking assigned to me.

Then the whole fucked up management thing with no design whatsoever and the "we don't need version control".

To just a few hours earlier, when she got mad because I set up a Slack for us to exchange information easily, she told me she was already mad because I shared the project by Google Drive and that she worked in security and knows the risk... AND AT THE SAME TIME, she uses Gmail to share the project.. BRILLIANT !

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    See my previous rant to get a slight idea of the kinda project I'm working in..
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    That's sounds so awful.
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    @PrivateGER It is!
    You know what's the best part? They're calling this fuckware an "iPack"... AN INTELLIGENT PACK FOR FUCK'S SAKE!
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    @Shisuki oh my god

    Well, I would quit if I were you. Companies like this only hold you back.
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    @PrivateGER Don't worry I am.
    Just need to finish this shit so I won't leave my coworkers stuck on their own and get all the blame
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    I will find you, and I hire you :P
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    *Waves flags and screech autistically so he won't be missed*
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