Still haven't been paid for completed a retail shop project. But all is well, since the system will not start on Black Friday till I remove the if condition 😈

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    Have fun when that gets discovered :p
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    . .
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    "" $""
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    I have an easier way. The repo with the backend project is private and I never gave him access to it. He tried to rip the front end code thinking it was everything. Stupid business people.
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    Nah man you're doing it wrong 😂 I've got a contract with my clients that says that, until the website is paid in full, the site and any income derived from it, remains my property
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    Beware. I did the same once and ended up receiving a judicial notice. Worst client of my life.
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    @nanl Thanks for the heads up :D
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    @stiaanvm I have tried that, but instead they usually pull out nearly last moment, when they find someone who can do it for cheaper. This way, I get them to become dependent on the system and then leave them with no choice but to pay or lose all their 2 to 3 months work 😁
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    Oh my, I have dropped this unicode chat --> 🛐
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